Your Road To a Better Book

You've written a book. You've slaved over it, polished it, sweated over it, and it still isn't quite right. Maybe you've submitted it to an agent or editor and received one of those nasty form rejections. Maybe you've been luckier and had an agent or editor, or writing group, give you some idea of what's wrong.
    It's too long, perhaps. The pace is way too slow. It's confusing, hard to read. The characters aren't well-defined. The plot doesn't make sense.
    Whatever it is, you're at a loss for how to fix it. That's where I come in.
    I work with fiction and non-fiction, book-length only. I don't edit science fiction or romance novels (because I know little about those genres). My specialty is, of course, the mystery.

What Do I Do?

I work with authors on a personal basis. I begin by reading the first chapter or two of your work. If I decide I can help you, I'll let you know. After the payment of a small fee, I will edit that sample and send it back to you.
     If you then decide that what I've done is helpful, I will ask to see the whole manuscript. I'll read it and give you an estimate of what the total cost might be. My fees are not inexpensive, but they are reasonable.

What Don't I Do?

I cannot guarantee that your edited manuscript will find a home with a publisher. No editor can do that, and no reputable editor will make that promise. I can guarantee that you will be happier with your book after I've finished, and that it will be better.

Who Am I?

I have been a published mystery author for well over twenty years, with over twenty books to my credit. My first book, The Body in the Transept, won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel in 1995. A Chicago Tribune review of a recent book, Winter of Discontent, said: "Jeanne M. Dams is so good at what she does that you might miss the considerable amounts of art and effort involved in keeping alive her series about Dorothy Martin ... [this is] a book to be celebrated as well as enjoyed."

Take advantage of my years of experience, art, and effort. Let me take a look at YOUR book and see what I can do to make you a better writer.

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